Exercise tips for hospitality workers

50m 13s

11 Lessons

Where occupational health and safety is concerned, hospitality workers are considered much more vulnerable than workers in most other industries.

Obviously any job where glass, knives and hot stoves are a regular feature is going to come with its fair share of injuries – especially when that job also happens to be fast-paced and often high-stress.

But hospitality workers are also susceptible to long-term health problems such as repetitive strain injuries, disrupted circadian rhythm and nutritional deficiencies. While it’s hard to completely avoid the occasional cut or burn in this industry, these long-term health issues are actually largely preventable.

Personal trainer and nutritionist Leandra Rouse works with businesses to create unique staff wellbeing programs. With years of experience in the hospitality industry, she is all too familiar with the stress that service work can create – and she’s determined to help hospitality workers prioritize their health and wellbeing.


This course is all about you! By the end you’ll be ready to prepare your body for the demands of your job and feel better at work every day. You’ll learn:

  • Back exercises to build functional core strength
  • The best shoulder exercises for hospitality workers
  • How to strengthen your wrists for repetitive actions on the job
  • Pre-shift stretching exercises to help you warm up
  • How to maintain good posture during those long shifts
  • How to lift something heavy without injury
  • How to hold a tray without straining your muscles (or dropping it)
  • How to shake a cocktail (over and over again without straining your arms)
  • Tips for eating healthy at work
  • Post-shift stretching exercises to cool off
  • Tips to help you wind down and sleep after a shift

In the hospitality industry we focus on food, drinks and top notch service that creates wonderful experiences for our guests, but the one thing we haven’t been so quick to pick up on is looking after ourselves!

To maintain long and prosperous careers in this industry, we have to start prioritizing our health and wellbeing.

Hospitality workers, it’s time to look out for number one! Get the skills you need to take your career to the next level.