How to properly hold a tray

Leandra Rouse

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Hospitality workers engage in a lot of repetitive movements that can lead to strain and injury in the long-term, but this can be prevented by learning how to move safely in the workplace.

While you may not think of carrying trays as a health and safety issue, if it’s not done correctly it can have real impact on your body – or send glasses flying across the restaurant!

Leandra Rouse is a personal trainer and nutritionist who focuses on workplace health and safety. In this video she shows you how to hold a tray with ease, without straining any muscle groups.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • The best way to hold and carry a tray
  • How to prevent shoulder stress while holding heavy trays

Servers and bartenders, nail this essential hospitality skill.


Leandra Rouse

Personal trainer and nutritionist

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