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Working in the hospitality industry is physically demanding, which is why it’s so important to pay particular attention to your health and safety. Lifting heavy items and carrying trays during a long shift can be very strenuous on the body, especially if the weight isn’t carried correctly. But you can prevent injuries and save on physiotherapy bills by strengthening your arms for the task at hand.

Leandra Rouse is a personal trainer and nutritionist who works with companies to improve the well-being of staff. In this online lesson, she shows you how to prepare your shoulders for the everyday demands of your job.

What you'll learn in The best shoulder exercises for servers lesson

  • The best shoulder exercises to build strength in the rotator cuff and shoulder girdle
  • How to use your back muscles to lift heavy items correctly and prevent shoulder strain

Who the Exercise tips for hospitality workers course is for

Hospitality workers, it’s time to look out for number one! Get the skills you need to take your career to the next level.


Leandra Rouse

Leandra Rouse is a culinary nutritionist, workplace wellness consultant and fitness expert. She develops unique health programs for individuals and companies.

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