The art of menu engineering

38m 4s

8 Lessons

Your restaurant’s menu is the centerpiece of the business. It’s what you and your kitchen team worked so hard to create. It’s the main reason customers walk through your doors. And it’s one of the most expensive parts of your business to maintain because of rising food costs – so you want to make sure your menu works for you.

Your menu should be carefully crafted to entice customers and cleverly designed so it can be easily adjusted when need be.

As the founder of consulting company The Restaurant Boss, Ryan Gromfin works with restaurant owners to reduce costs and increase profits.

In this course, he shares his expert menu engineering tips to help you design a menu that will boost sales.


  • Useful tools for DIY menu design
  • How to write menu descriptions
  • How to price items on your menu
  • How to identify your most valuable menu items
  • How to decide if you should change menu prices
  • Clever ways to hide money on your menu
  • How to sell expensive menu items
  • How to increase prices and keep customers

Restaurant owners and managers, make your menu design work for you with pointers from an industry expert!