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While it seems logical to try keeping your food cost as low as possible when running a restaurant, it’s important to distinguish between food cost and food margin in order to determine which items are of most value to your business. And for most businesses, this requires adding high cash contribution items into your menu.

In this online lesson, restaurant consultant and founder of The Restaurant Boss, Ryan Gromfin, shows you how to figure out which items on your menu are most valuable – and how to increase the value of the items that currently aren’t.

What you'll learn in the Identifying your most valuable menu items lesson

  • How to determine which items on your menu are most profitable
  • How to use a menu engineering tool to help you determine the most profitable menu items

Who The art of menu engineering course is for

Restaurant owners and managers, make your menu design work for you with pointers from an industry expert!


Ryan Gromfin

Former chef Ryan Gromfin is a consultant for the restaurant industry. He uses his extensive experience to help owners and managers reduce costs and increase profits.

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