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When it comes to making purchasing decisions, emotions actually trump logic. This is especially true in restaurants – descriptions of menu items that trigger emotional responses sell much better than those that focus on value for money. Food after all is a sensory experience.

In this online lesson, restaurant consultant and founder of The Restaurant Boss, Ryan Gromfin, shares his tips for writing menu descriptions that appeal to customers.

What you'll learn in the How to write menu descriptions lesson

  • How to write menu descriptions that make sales
  • The different ways of writing descriptions for fine dining, casual and family restaurants, and diners

Who The art of menu engineering course is for

Restaurant owners and managers, make your menu design work for you with pointers from an industry expert!


Ryan Gromfin

Former chef Ryan Gromfin is a consultant for the restaurant industry. He uses his extensive experience to help owners and managers reduce costs and increase profits.

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