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One of the most crucial aspects of your menu design is how you choose to show prices. Obviously, these numbers are going to have to be included on the menu. What you don’t want is to have the numbers stand out and influence how your guests make their decisions.

In this online lesson, restaurant consultant and founder of The Restaurant Boss, Ryan Gromfin, shows you how to bury prices in the text of your menu so that your customers focus on the food first and worry about the cost later.

What you'll learn in the 5 ways to hide the money on your menu lesson

  • How to use your restaurant menu layout to increase sales
  • Clever ways to hide money on your menu

Who The art of menu engineering course is for

Restaurant owners and managers, make your menu design work for you with pointers from an industry expert!


Ryan Gromfin

Former chef Ryan Gromfin is a consultant for the restaurant industry. He uses his extensive experience to help owners and managers reduce costs and increase profits.

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