Tea mastery

56m 11s

12 Lessons

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. This very morning, more than two billion people will wake up with a cup of tea. And the hospitality industry has taken notice - more and more restaurants, bars and hotels around the world are extending their tea lists beyond the classic English Breakfast, matching the ever-growing demand of refined tea drinkers who appreciate a bit of variety in their tea offerings.

In this course, Co-founder and Director of Somage Fine Foods, Nathan Wakeford, will explain the importance and best practices of tea tasting and evaluation as well a how to pair tea with food. You'll be a tea master in no time!


  • Welcome - Tea mastery
  • Controlling tea infusion
  • Phases of tea infusion
  • Evaluating Tea: Objectives of a tea cupping
  • Evaluating Tea: The tea cupping process
  • Tea Cupping: Dry leaf evaluation
  • Tea Cupping: Wet leaf evaluation
  • Tea Cupping: Evaluating tea liquor
  • Tea Cupping: Identifying faults and defects
  • Designing a tea menu
  • Pairing tea with food and drink
  • Conclusion - Tea mastery

Whether you are looking to deepen your background on this herbal beverage, or become an expert on your current tea offerings, this course is perfect for those seeking to cultivate their tea expertise.