50m 27s

9 Lessons

When you enter a restaurant or bar, the first person to greet you at the door and take you to your table is the host. They’ll be smiling, friendly and make you feel comfortable straight away. They’re the one that provides the incentives to get people through the door, sat at a table and ordering food.

But being a great host isn’t just about greeting guests. It also involves monitoring table rotation and ensuring wait staff aren’t being overloaded all while providing a warm and hospitable experience for guests. Tired yet? We are! That’s why we know all hosts are superstars!

In this course, Kate Edwards, owner and consulting expert at Kate Edwards and Company, shows you how to become an incredible host and all the ways to make your guests experience amazing.


• Why a host is important
• The importance of ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’
• How to communicate with guests in person
• How to communicate with guests on the phone
• How to receive guests in a restaurant
• Managing guest expectations when there is a wait
• How to seat the room
• How to seat guests
• How a host communicates with their team

Become an expert at making guests feel welcome in this course, perfect for anyone who is looking at becoming a leader in their restaurant.