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Your venue has just opened, and your first guest is walking through the door. What do you do?

Making a guest feel welcome in your venue once they step through the door can make them enjoy their experience or hate it. Sure, saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ may sound easy, but a lot of thought and planning needs to go into making a guest feel 100% welcome.

Greetings play a vital role in how your guests perceive your venue and service. If guests are kept waiting or are greeted poorly, that reflects on not only the host but the whole venue. First impressions have never been more important as they supply guests with the first outlook of your venue.

Just as important as the greeting is the farewell. Saying goodbye is the hosts final chance to make their guests time at the venue unforgettable. A great last impression can leave guests with a positive attitude in regard to your venue. As it’s the last aspect your guests experience at your venue, it’s also what guests will remember most.

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This online course is perfect for anyone who is looking at becoming a leader in their restaurant.


Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards is a hospitality consultant with over 30 years of experience in the industry and an educator at two of New York’s top hospitality institutions.

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