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Your guests are settled and now it’s time for service to start. But who does what? As a host you need to not only be aware of your guests but also of which staff members control which sections of your venue.

Know what information each staff member needs to make sure their job is completed well. Find out your guest has a food allergy? Alert the chef. Been told it’s a guest’s birthday? Inform the servers.

How you inform staff about relevant information is also important. Communicating during busy service periods, when staff have numerous things on their plate, can result in vital points being forgotten. If you know staff struggle to remember or are too busy to talk, start with writing notes or lists. You can use a computer or go old school and get out pen and paper.

Who the Hosting course is for

This online course is perfect for anyone who is looking at becoming a leader in their restaurant.


Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards is a hospitality consultant with over 30 years of experience in the industry and an educator at two of New York’s top hospitality institutions.

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