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What is a host and why are they so important? Surely someone who just meets and greets guests isn’t as essential as a waiter or chef? Think again! A host is the first point of call for a guest entering and staying at a restaurant – if a guest doesn’t feel welcome they are sure to go elsewhere.

A host is the point person for all tables in a venue. You should know guest’s names, moods, and preferences so you can make their experience exceptional. You’ll be able to make them feel welcome whether you chat with them on the phone or in the restaurant.

Ultimately your job is to represent the hospitality culture of your venue and set expectations for your guest. Your days will be long, and they will be tiring, but one of the key skills of a host is being able to remain calm and friendly no matter the time of day.

Who the Hosting course is for

This online course is perfect for anyone who is looking at becoming a leader in their restaurant.


Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards is a hospitality consultant with over 30 years of experience in the industry and an educator at two of New York’s top hospitality institutions.

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