Fundamentals of hotel revenue management

51m 2s

11 Lessons


Revenue management is an absolutely essential skill for maintaining and growing your hotel. After all, let’s face it - when it comes right down to it, your venue is a business, and its success hinges on how well you can bring in revenue.

You can crunch the numbers and get an idea of how your business is running - but what’s the point if it doesn’t lead you to a strategy? In other words, how can you interpret data to help you make informed decisions?

This course is designed to help you turn data into actionable, practical strategies. With guidance from Fabian Bartnick, a renowned guru on hospitality revenue management, you’ll discover how you can make a real, significant difference to your hotel’s revenue management.


  • The fundamentals of revenue, including essential jargon
  • What’s involved in the role of revenue manager
  • How to understand and interpret data
  • Basic forecasting principles and techniques
  • What distribution channels are, and how they relate to revenue management
  • Practical strategies you can develop using business intelligence
  • Pricing for real-world situations
  • How storytelling can help you optimize revenue
  • How to modernize your revenue meetings with a ‘netflix’ approach

This course is aimed at revenue team members and mid-level managers looking to develop their professional and personal skills in the field of hospitality finance.