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We tend to think of language and stories as completely different and separate from math and numbers. But the truth is: being able to turn your numbers into a story is the only way you can make a plan and communicate that plan to your team!

Confused? Don't worry. In this lesson, Fabian Bartnick explains all you need to know about how storytelling and revenue go hand in hand.

What you'll learn in the Revenue management storytelling lesson

  • What storytelling means in the context of revenue management
  • How to follow a storytelling framework to help you interpret data
  • Developing strategy out of storytelling

Who the Fundamentals of hotel revenue management course is for

This online course is aimed at revenue team members and mid-level managers looking to develop their professional and personal skills in the field of hospitality finance.


Fabian Bartnick

Fabian Bartnick is a dedicated and experienced revenue management expert.

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