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In our modern world, revenue, intelligence and technology go hand-in-hand. Revenue management is a cutting edge field led by forward thinkers - but for some reason, many of us still use traditional methods to hold revenue meetings. Modernizing your meetings means stripping back to basics, and really examining how you can make the best possible use of that time.

And that's exactly what you'll learn in this lesson! Here, Fabian Bartnick guides you through his vision for a modern, purpose-driven strategy for meetings that really help you deliver results.

What you'll learn in the Netflixing your revenue meetings lesson

  • How to define your purpose for revenue meetings
  • Historical approaches to revenue meetings
  • How to modernize, plan, and host revenue meetings for your business

Who the Fundamentals of hotel revenue management course is for

This online course is aimed at revenue team members and mid-level managers looking to develop their professional and personal skills in the field of hospitality finance.


Fabian Bartnick

Fabian Bartnick is a dedicated and experienced revenue management expert.

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