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Apéritifs are common features of banquet events, but do you know what the word means? It’s actually derived from a Latin word, meaning ‘to open’. So an apéritif is a drink served at the ‘open’ of a banquet! In this lesson, Setting up an apéritif banquet, Thomas Boucourt explains the steps you can take to flawlessly set up and maintain an apéritif station for a banquet service.

What you'll learn in this lesson on Setting up an apéritif banquet

  • How to set up drinks and apéritif station for guest arrival
  • Tips to help you operate and maintain the station
  • Strategies to manage operations during service

Who the Banqueting service course is for

This online course is aimed at front of house staff interested in banquets and banqueting service.


Thomas Boucourt

Thomas Boucourt is a Senior practical arts lecturer with a passion for teaching exceptional service techniques to emerging industry leaders.

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