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You’ve applied great strategies to deliver exceptional service during your banquet, but the job’s not over yet! You still need to effectively clear and pack up to make sure the guest experience is complete, and the venue is reset and ready for another day!

In this lesson, Clearing and packing up banquets, Thomas Boucourt explains the best approach for clearing and packing away banqueting equipment.

What you'll learn in this lesson on Clearing and packing up banquets

  • How to safely pack up equipment
  • Prepare and organize steps for cleaning
  • Tips for polishing glasses and cutlery

Who the Banqueting service course is for

This online course is aimed at front of house staff interested in banquets and banqueting service.


Thomas Boucourt

Thomas Boucourt is a Senior practical arts lecturer with a passion for teaching exceptional service techniques to emerging industry leaders.

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