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To help you understand your guests and deliver a really personalized guest experience, you can group them in ways that reflect common behaviors, spending, and service expectations. This is an essential step that will take your service and operational decisions to the next level - and extended stay guest personas are no exception. 

So in this online lesson about defining extended stay guest personas, Julian Darisse will talk you through how you can develop guest persona profiles to make sure you're providing an exceptional experience to every guest.

What you'll learn in the Extended stay guest personas lesson

  • The value of guest personas and how they influence service
  • Examples of common extended stay guest personas and their traits  
  • Five essential tips for redesigning your existing personas to include extended stays

Who the Optimizing extended stays course is for 

The Optimizing extended stays online course is aimed at revenue managers and executive team members seeking to optimize revenue through extended stay bookings.


Julian Darisse

Julian Darisse is a luxury hotel operations expert and Managing Partner at The Skill Shop Sales and Operations Consulting.

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