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Implementing an effective extended stay strategy is only one piece of the puzzle; you also need to be able to tell if it's working. In other words, you need to be able to evaluate it. So in this online lesson about evaluating your extended stay strategy, Julian Darisse will demonstrate a four-step method for evaluating and adjusting your extended stay strategy.

What you'll learn in the Evaluating your extended stay strategy lesson

  • Why it's necessary to implement ongoing evaluation procedures for an extended stay strategy
  • Evaluate your extended stay strategy following the four-step 'ROMS' method

Who the Optimizing extended stays course is for 

The Optimizing extended stays online course is aimed at revenue managers and executive team members seeking to optimize revenue through extended stay bookings.


Julian Darisse

Julian Darisse is a luxury hotel operations expert and Managing Partner at The Skill Shop Sales and Operations Consulting.

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