Writing 101 for hospitality businesses

29m 16s

9 Lessons

Effective marketing starts with good copywriting. You will use copywriting across all of your marketing channels – from your social media to your website to your email campaigns – so paying attention to what you write and how you write it is crucial.

In this Writing 101 course, award-winning copywriter Helen Steemson shares her pro tips for making your writing punchy, concise and tailored to your audience.

Find out how to create copy that strengthens your brand and increases your revenue!


  • How to identify the target audience for your writing
  • How to plan your writing
  • How to make your writing concise, punchy and easy to read
  • How to edit your writing
  • How to write persuasively
  • How to get people to read what you write
  • How to write effective marketing emails

If you own or manage a hospitality venue, this is the course for you! Sharpen your grammar and writing skills to improve your marketing campaigns with help from our star instructor.