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There are three phases in the writing process – planning, writing and editing.

Planning ahead will help you focus and define the themes in your writing. So while it may seem tedious, the planning stage makes a massive difference to the final product, which is why it’s important not to overlook it.

In this lesson, award-winning copywriter Helen Steemson explains how to plan your writing to make the process easier – and your writing more effective!

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • Why planning your writing matters
  • How to plan your writing and what you need to take into consideration when planning

If you own or manage a hospitality business, get the expert writing tips you need to make your marketing campaigns stand out!


Helen Steemson

Helen Steemson is the award-winning lead copywriter and creative director at Words for Breakfast, a copywriting agency in Auckland, New Zealand.

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