Food safety and hygiene fundamentals

44m 3s

13 Lessons


Food safety and hygiene is something we’ve all heard about. We know it’s crucial to keep food safe to consume, but how do we actually do that? What is the appropriate expectation, or industry standard, for hygiene in a hospitality workplace? And why are these issues so important?

Hygiene and safety is always important, but since the outbreak of the coronavirus, patrons are more aware than ever of how illnesses can spread, and the methods we can use to keep ourselves and others in good health. This means that those in the hospitality industry need to be particularly mindful that they have the knowledge, skills, and systems in place to ensure everyone is doing the right thing and employing best-practice strategies for excellent food safety and hygiene.

In this course, celebrity chef Alastair McLeod talks through the key issues you need to be aware of to keep yourself, and your customers, safe.


  • Why food safety and hygiene are important
  • Best-practice handwashing and personal hygiene in the workplace
  • What personal protective equipment is, and how to use it
  • How to identify and prevent food contamination
  • How to identify low-risk and high-risk foods
  • What food poisoning is, and how to prevent it
  • Best-practice methods for storing food
  • Why food temperature is so important
  • Strategies for keeping a kitchen clean and pest-free
  • Common food allergens

This course is aimed at any hospitality worker who comes into contact with food or customers.