Preventing food poisoning

Alastair McLeod



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We’ve all heard of food poisoning, and many of us have had it. You might even have some idea of the kinds of foods we associate more with food poisoning than others - raw chicken, for example. But do you know exactly what causes food poisoning, and why some foods are more likely to spread these illnesses than others?

In this lesson, Alastair McLeod talks you through the causes and symptoms of food poisoning, and how safe food handling and hygiene can help prevent it.

What you’ll learn

  • What a food-borne illness is
  • Common symptoms of food poisoning
  • What causes foodborne illnesses
  • How you can prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses

This course is aimed at any hospitality worker who comes into contact with food or customers.


Alastair McLeod

Owner of Al’FreshCo

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