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A large part of food safety and hygiene is making sure the food itself is stored and served to safe standards, but it’s equally as important to put the same amount of care and attention to detail towards any surfaces that come into contact with food. In other words, the whole kitchen must be kept sanitary!

In this lesson, you’ll discover why cleanliness is so important in keeping food safe, and the best methods for minimizing sanitation risks such as pest infestations.

What you’ll learn

  • Why cleaning is so important for food safety
  • What a food safety program is
  • Best-practice strategies for conducting a food safety program
  • How to recognize signs of pests and what you can do for pest control

This course is aimed at any hospitality worker who comes into contact with food or customers.


Alastair McLeod

Alastair McLeod is an Australian chef and TV personality who recently founded a catering business with its own product line.

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