Beer basics

50m 47s

11 Lessons

Humans have been drinking beer for about 10,000 years! Before we made the majority of our discoveries, we figured out that magic happens when we combine malt, yeast, hops and water.

It was once considered safer to drink than water, and thus beer was used as a bartering tool. Today, we are creating unique brews that reflect the creativity and innovation driving the industry.

Kirrily Waldhorn has the most enviable job in the world. As a beer expert she works as a beer judge, consultant, writer and occasional brewer. Passionate about a good brew, she’s on a mission to make beer the new wine.


By the end of this online beer course, you’ll have the basics mastered and you’ll be ready to stand behind the bar with confidence in your new skills:

  • Beer terminology and acronyms you need to know
  • The ingredients of beer
  • How beer is brewed
  • How to taste beer like a pro
  • How to make beer recommendations to customers
  • How to pour a beer on tap
  • The differences between pilsners, pale ales, IPAs, porters, stouts and wheat beers
  • Beer myths and misconceptions

No matter where you find yourself working in the hospitality industry, there’s a high probability you’ll be serving beers. A craft ale with brunch is as commonplace as an after-work lager.

As a server or bartender it’s so important to have an understanding of this universally loved beverage so you can make suggestions to customers, keep up with beer lovers’ banter and pour the perfect pint every time.

Servers and bartenders, it’s time to up your beer knowledge with help from our industry experts!