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The porter vs stout beer debate rages on as the two names are often interchangeably used on labels today. But in the wonderful world of beer, history matters. There would be no stout if the porter hadn't first been invented. And the invention of the porter took Britain by storm; so much so that popular demand for this style led to the London Beer Flood of 1814!

Kirrily Waldhorn, who has the most enviable job in the world, is an expert in all things beer. Here she shares some fascinating beer history and explains these two styles and their origins.

What you'll learn in the Porter and stout beer basics lesson

  • The history and evolution of porters and stouts
  • The key differences between these styles
  • Their distinctive flavor profiles and characteristics
  • How porters and stouts are best enjoyed

Who the Beer basics course is for

Servers and bartenders, brush up on your beer knowledge with help from our expert!


Kirrily Waldhorn

Kirrily Waldhorn is the founder of Beer Diva and a beer consultant, writer, educator and judge. She is on a mission to make beer the new wine.

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