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Sometimes you pour the perfect pint, sometimes it's flat and sometimes it's all head. But if you've got a full keg and a clear line, there's no excuse for serving anything other than the best pour every time. And it's actually quite simple if you learn the tricks!

Servers and bartenders, improve your pour with expert coaching.

Kirrily Waldhorn, who has been working in the beer industry for over 17 years, shows you how to properly pour a beer and serve it perfectly every time.

What you'll learn in the How to pour and serve a beer lesson

  • How to pour a beer correctly
  • How a bad pour will impact the drinker
  • How the quality of your glass can impact beer

Who the Beer basics course is for

Servers and bartenders, get the ultimate tips from this industry expert.


Kirrily Waldhorn

Kirrily Waldhorn is the founder of Beer Diva and a beer consultant, writer, educator and judge. She is on a mission to make beer the new wine.

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