Bartending for beginners

duration 30 mins
Lessons 11 Lessons

The cocktail renaissance of the last decade has brought bartending to the forefront of the hospitality industry. The modern bartender is a professional who is dedicated to perfecting mixology and providing outstanding customer service. Creativity, innovation and constant learning are hallmarks of today’s craft cocktail scene.

Becoming a bartender in our contemporary world demands skilling up and staying ahead of the game. If you’re passionate about mastering the art of cocktail making, we’ve got you covered!

As a World Class recognized bartender and owner of an award-winning bar, Charlie Ainsbury knows a thing or two about what it takes to be the best behind the bar.


In this online bartender course, you’ll learn these tricks of the trade to get your bartending career started:



There’s never been a better time to take up bartending. The industry is excelling every day and with more opportunities than ever before, what’s stopping you from honing your cocktail skills and taking your career to the next level?

Servers and beginner bartenders, sharpen your skills behind the bar with pointers from the world’s best!