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Contemporary cocktail culture is challenging the notion of bartending as a dead-end job. It’s no longer something that you do in between classes or before you embark on a different career path. The modern bartender is a professional developing a career in the hospitality industry, where there are opportunities like never before.

Award-winning bartender Charlie Ainsbury explains why there’s never been a better time to skill up and jump behind the bar!

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • The evolution of the bartending profession
  • The contemporary global reach of the bartending industry
  • The possibilities for professional development as a bartender

Servers and beginner bartenders, it’s time to look to the future and up your bartending game with tips from a pro!


Charlie Ainsbury

Charlie Ainsbury is a World Class recognized bartender and the co-owner of an award-winning spritz and cocktail bar in Sydney. He was twice named Australian Bartender of the Year.

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