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It’s always challenging to work with someone who’s unpredictable - but especially so if that person is your manager. How can you deliver on expectations if those expectations seem to vary day to day? Consistency is an essential part of getting the best performance from your team. In this lesson, Mai Kappenberger explains how you can achieve consistency in your leadership approach.

What you’ll learn in The power of consistency lesson

  • Why inconsistency can have such a detrimental effect on team performance
  • How to maintain positive consistency within your team 
  • Overcoming challenges that lead to inconsistency

Who the Managing team performance course is for

This online course is aimed at managers, and aspiring managers, in all areas of the hospitality industry.


Mai Kappenberger

Mai Kappenberger is a goal-oriented international hotelier with a focus on leadership, sustainability, education, and digitalization.

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