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Delegation is one of the most challenging aspects of managing a team. After all, as a leader you want to take ownership of your goals, especially if you find yourself under pressure to meet certain targets or expectations. That said, the most effective leaders understand that everyone in their team wants to feel empowered to take ownership and play a part in meeting those goals. So in this lesson, Mai Kappenberger talks about how to effectively distribute responsibilities as a leader.

What you’ll learn in the Distributed leadership lesson

  • What distributed leadership means
  • The important role of distributed leadership in hospitality workplaces
  • How to distribute leadership using the lean business model

Who the Managing team performance course is for

This online course is aimed at managers, and aspiring managers, in all areas of the hospitality industry.


Mai Kappenberger

Mai Kappenberger is a goal-oriented international hotelier with a focus on leadership, sustainability, education, and digitalization.

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