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What do you think might prevent a guest with disability from having the same service experience as a guest without? You might say, 'They won't be able to access the lounge area because they're in a wheelchair,' or 'They won't be able to hear the music because they have a hearing disability.'

The truth is, this way of thinking about disability can be a very limiting perspective. It frames the disability itself as the problem, which makes it seem like there's very little you can do to help. But what if there was another way to think about disability - one that helped you discover service solutions?

In this online lesson, Alvaro Silberstein will show you what the social model of disability is, how to adopt this viewpoint, and how viewing disability through the social model can build your confidence when serving your guests.

What you'll learn in this lesson, The first step to inclusive service

  • The social model of disability
  • Why it's important to view disability through the social model
  • How to adopt it into your service practices

Who the Offering service to guests with disabilities course is for

The Offering service to guests with disabilities online course is aimed at front line service staff looking to offer an enhanced experience to guests with disabilities.


Alvaro Silberstein

Alvaro Silberstein is co-founder and CEO of Wheel the World.

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