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If you like dogs, you've probably had the experience of seeing a dog in public and wanting to give it a pat. Often, we don't stop to consider that the animal might actually be working - and has a job to do!

Assistance animals can be an incredible asset to guests with disabilities, but it's not always easy to tell how to behave around the animal, or even whether it's truly an assistance animal.

So in this online lesson, Alvaro Silberstein will walk you through what an assistance animal is, why they are important, and share tips to create a safe and comfortable experience for guests with assistance animals.

What you'll learn in the Best practices for assistance animals lesson

  • What are assistance animals and recognize their importance
  • Four best practices to serve a guest with an assistance animal

Who the Offering service to guests with disabilities course is for

The Offering service to guests with disabilities online course is aimed at front line service staff looking to offer an enhanced experience to guests with disabilities.


Alvaro Silberstein

Alvaro Silberstein is co-founder and CEO of Wheel the World.

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