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Physical disabilities can manifest in many different ways. Some people might use wheelchairs or crutches, others might experience difficulty speaking - for example, if they have Cerebral Palsy. No matter what, these guests deserve to be treated with respect and to feel included.

In this online lesson, Alvaro Silberstein will show you respectful ways you can communicate with guests with disabilities and four best practices to assist guests with physical disabilities.

What you'll learn in the Serving guests with physical disabilities lesson

  • Ways to communicate respectfully and confidently with guests with physical disabilities
  • Four best practices to assist people with physical disability

Who the Offering service to guests with disabilities course is for

The Offering service to guests with disabilities online course is aimed at front line service staff looking to offer an enhanced experience to guests with disabilities.


Alvaro Silberstein

Alvaro Silberstein is co-founder and CEO of Wheel the World.

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