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If you’ve had a small slip or trip that’s not resulted in a fall or an injury, it may be enough to simply report the problem straight to your manager or the appropriate person in your workplace. But, with more serious injuries, formal reports should be made as soon as possible to ensure it’s on record and that any insurance claims that need to be made can be processed.

In this lesson, you’ll learn why it is important to report slips, trips, and falls and how to report them in your workplace.

As a hospitality worker, working in a busy and constantly moving environment is the norm. But this also means that accidents can happen. Whether it’s a glass or bottle being knocked over or a box sat in the wrong position, hazards can cause injuries. Learning to be aware of slip, trip or fall hazards is the first step in ensuring your workplace is a safer place.


Luke Croston
Luke Croston is the Chef and Creator of Custom Food Solutions at Made Establishment. He focuses on developing methods to maintain restaurant quality products in large volumes.
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