Identify and prevent common trip hazards

Luke Croston

2m 41s


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Anyone working in hospitality will know that there is a lot going on, products coming and going, people moving around, and a lot of equipment and produce to use and store - because of this, trips do occur, but there are ways to prevent them for happening. In most cases, good housekeeping will help prevent trips in the workplace, but sometimes more action needs to be taken.

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the common causes for tripping in the workplace, how to identify trip hazards and ways to prevent and minimize the common causes of trips.

As a hospitality worker, working in a busy and constantly moving environment is the norm. But this also means that accidents can happen. Whether it’s a glass or bottle being knocked over or a box sat in the wrong position, hazards can cause injuries. Learning to be aware of slip, trip or fall hazards is the first step in ensuring your workplace is a safer place.


Luke Croston

Chef and Creator of Custom Food Solutions

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