Identify and prevent common fall hazards

Luke Croston

1m 46s


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The most common causes of falls in a workplace are from poor systems of work, for example using ladders or chairs to access high storage areas, climbing down ladders while carrying objects and loading and unloading vehicles. But, climbing ladders and unloading vehicles is often a necessary day-to-day task in hospitality, so understanding the correct way to complete them is the first step to ensuring your safety.

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the most common causes of falls in the hospitality industry, how to identify fall hazards and how to minimize and prevent them from occurring.

As a hospitality worker, working in a busy and constantly moving environment is the norm. But this also means that accidents can happen. Whether it’s a glass or bottle being knocked over or a box sat in the wrong position, hazards can cause injuries. Learning to be aware of slip, trip or fall hazards is the first step in ensuring your workplace is a safer place.


Luke Croston

Chef and Creator of Custom Food Solutions

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