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Rapport is a French word, and in luxury service, it means establishing a genuine, personal connection with a guest, characterized by empathy, and trust. It is something you need to be able to build with every single guest!

In this online lesson about rapport, Arnaud Bouvier will review the meaning of rapport and take you through some effective techniques to build rapport with your guests.

What you'll learn in this lesson, Rapport in luxury interactions

  • The definition of rapport in a luxury context
  • How to build rapport with luxury guests

Who The culture of luxury course is for

The culture of luxury online course is aimed at luxury hotel staff looking to personalize techniques to the needs of each guest so that luxury service standards are met.


Arnaud Bouvier

Arnaud Bouvier, a distinguished Transformation Expert in Luxury, Management, and Leadership, has over two decades of experience, marked by his pivotal role as President of the Luxury Hotelschool, extensive work in luxury hospitality, and a commitment to advancing modern education.

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