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Biases are like assumptions you make about someone based on how they look, their ethnicity, their gender, and lots more. It's impossible to completely eliminate bias, but you can get better at noticing how biases inform your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  

In this online lesson about overcoming personal bias to be kind, Nahla Summers will explain some common types of biases and how to overcome them to ensure you treat all customers equally. 

What you'll learn in this lesson, Overcoming personal bias to be kind 

  • Common types of bias 
  • Why it's important to recognize and overcome bias  
  • How to manage your personal biases to ensure you behave kindly toward all customers 

Who the Showing kindness course is for  

The Showing kindness online course is aimed at any customer-facing staff member looking to improve service and work performance by incorporating kindness into all aspects of their work. 


Nahla Summers
Nahla Summers is a cultural change consultant, founder of Sunshine People and author of A Culture of Kindness. She is a ground-breaking thought leader in kindness, leadership, and organizational culture.
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