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Everyone has a bad day from time to time, but that doesn't mean you should be unkind to your guests. In this online lesson about Being kind when having a bad day, Nahla Summers will show you how to stay kind even when you're stressed or having a bad day. 

What you'll learn in this lesson, Being kind when having a bad day 

  • Why your mood can impact how you show kindness 
  • Why it's important to maintain kindness, regardless of your mood  
  • How to leave personal problems at the door and continue to show kindness to customers 

Who the Showing kindness course is for  

The Showing kindness online course is aimed at any customer-facing staff member looking to improve service and work performance by incorporating kindness into all aspects of their work. 


Nahla Summers
Nahla Summers is a cultural change consultant, founder of Sunshine People and author of A Culture of Kindness. She is a ground-breaking thought leader in kindness, leadership, and organizational culture.
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