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If you own or manage a hospitality business, chances are your front of house team is largely comprised of young servers. If you are struggling to find ways to motivate these servers to sell more or stay loyal to your business, it’s probably because you’re not speaking their language – millennials are not driven by the same incentives that were successful in motivating prior generations.

In this online lesson, hospitality consultant David Hayden shares his pro tips, collected over 20 years of industry experience, to help you motivate your young servers.

What you'll learn in the How to motivate young servers lesson

  • How to motivate servers to improve their performance
  • What motivates millennials at work

Who the Teaching sales skills to servers course is for

Hospitality managers, this online course is ideal for helping you understand how to lead and motivate a young team. Servers looking to skill up with pointers from an expert – you can also watch this one to improve your service and increase your tips!


David Hayden

With over 20 years of experience in hospitality, David Hayden now conducts training programs for servers and managers through his company Hospitality Formula Consulting.

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