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You probably have at least a basic idea of food safety - like that certain foods need to be stored at a certain temperature. But how easy is it to identify every potential hazard when it comes to food safety? In this lesson, you’ll discover how HACCP can help you keep your venue protected from a variety of hazards.

What you'll learn in the How to do a hazard analysis - HACCP Principle 1 lesson

  • What a hazard analysis is 
  • Why you need to do a hazard analysis
  • How to do a thorough and compliant hazard analysis

Who the Principles of HACCP course is for

This online course is aimed at team members, managers, and any staff who handle food during their shift.


Mariam Yacout

Mariam Yacout is a HACCP Specialist who has dedicated her career to exploring and teaching all aspects of food safety regulations.

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