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Being able to repeat something is all about consistency and having clear parameters to work towards. In this lesson, Mariam Yacout will explain how you can establish critical limits in your workplace to help you draw the line between safe practices and hazards.

Not sure of the official regulations for food safety in your area? Click the link below and search by country for your local guidelines!

What you'll learn in Establish critical limits - HACCP Principle 3 lesson

  • What a critical limit is
  • The mantra 'what get measured gets managed' - and how that applies to food safety in your workplace
  • How to set reasonable critical limits that meet food and business outcomes

Who the Principles of HACCP course is for

This course is aimed at team members, managers, and any staff who handle food during their shift.


Mariam Yacout

Mariam Yacout is a HACCP Specialist who has dedicated her career to exploring and teaching all aspects of food safety regulations.

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