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The way we see the world has a huge influence on how we respond to situations, other people, and ourselves. Of course, it’s not really possible to change our worldview, right?

Or is it?

In this lesson, Michael Sherman walks you through the ABC model - a cornerstone of modern psychology - to help you discover how you can adapt your worldview to help you cope with difficult situations and respond more productively.

What you’ll learn in the Coping with adversity using the ABC model lesson

  • The meaning of ABC and how beliefs influence your responses
  • How ABC works in every day situations
  • Three tips to help you self-reflect, and challenge your beliefs for better emotional outcomes

Who the Strengthening resilience course is for

This online course is aimed at established and aspiring leaders looking to strengthen personal and professional resilience and set an example for others.


Michael Sherman

Michael Sherman is a Performance and resilience expert. He is passionate about helping people perform to the best of their ability and learn from setbacks.

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