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Humans are social creatures, and we all rely on relationships to get us through challenging moments. But relationships are like muscles - if you want them to support you when you really need them, you need to maintain them even when the pressure’s off! In this lesson, Michael Sherman guides you through key strategies for building resilient, supportive relationships.

What you’ll learn in the Building resilient relationships lesson

  • Understand the link between strong relationships and better resilience.
  • Identify the four ways that you can respond to others
  • Demonstrate how to effectively respond to others to build a resilient relationship

Who the Strengthening resilience course is for

This online course is aimed at established and aspiring leaders looking to strengthen personal and professional resilience and set an example for others.


Michael Sherman

Michael Sherman is a Performance and resilience expert. He is passionate about helping people perform to the best of their ability and learn from setbacks.

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