Time management for servers

32m 32s

7 Lessons

Part of what makes working in the hospitality industry so exciting and rewarding is how fast paced it is. As a server, you have to learn to manage your time well so that you can stay stress-free on the restaurant floor and provide your guests with seamless, wonderful dining experiences.

Restaurant consultant David Hayden has worked in hospitality for over 20 years. He has a wealth of experience in customer service and now conducts training programs for restaurant servers and managers.

In this course, he shares his tips for sharpening up your service skills and being a pro on the restaurant floor, by managing your time better and setting priorities on shift.


  • How servers can prepare for a shift
  • How servers can set priorities on shift
  • The four key times of the dining experience
  • How to properly pace courses for your guests
  • What to do when you are double or triple sat
  • How to look like a pro server on the restaurant floor
  • How to present the bill and take payment efficiently

Servers, skill up with help from the experts and master the art of exceptional, professional customer service!