Table service fundamentals

49m 3s

14 Lessons

Hospitality is continually evolving. Innovation and creativity drive this industry and keep it vibrant and exciting.

But there are some aspects of the industry, especially in service, that have become common etiquette – rules, almost. These fundamentals of outstanding table service remain as relevant today as ever, and they constitute an essential skill set for every server.

Kate Edwards is a renowned hospitality consultant and educator. In this restaurant server training course she explains some of the longstanding conventions of the hospitality industry, and shares her tips for working as a server in a restaurant with confidence and professionalism.


  • Restaurant terminology and common table service etiquette
  • How to interact with customers in a restaurant
  • How to serve food correctly
  • How to hold a tray
  • How to carry multiple plates
  • How to clear plates
  • How to handle silverware and china
  • How to handle glassware in a restaurant
  • How to serve water to guests
  • How to serve alcoholic beverages and pour drinks

This course is ideal for beginners looking to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of the service industry. More experienced restaurant workers will learn how to polish their skills through Kate’s expert tips for showing elegance and expertise tableside.

Servers, it’s time to learn the skills you need!