Gin basics

28m 17s

7 Lessons

Gin has quite a story!

Gin is now one of the most widely consumed spirits in the world after originating from a Dutch drink Jenever in the 17th Century. JJ Goodman, owner of The London Cocktail Club, takes us on a journey through time and explains the fascinating history behind the fabulous drink we know today.

As a winner of Best Bartender at the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup, JJ Goodman draws on his wealth of knowledge on Gin, and gives an overview of some of the most popular Gin styles and brands on the market. He also shares an understanding of the size of the market globally and given that the UK exported a massive £474 million worth of Gin in 2016, there are a huge number of people drinking this much-loved spirit.

You will learn essential tips to recommend and serve Gin to customers. There are tips on how to create infusions and mixed drinks quickly and easily. It’s the perfect Gin basics course for servers and bartenders worldwide and it comes complete with the perfect Gin and tonic recipe!

A short history of Gin
How Gin is made
Styles of Gin
The global Gin market
How to recommend Gin to customers
Serving Gin
How to infuse Gin

Servers and bartenders, it’s time to take your Gin knowledge to the next level.