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Do you know what botanicals go into your favorite Gin?

Although Gin can consist of a number of herbs and botanicals, what makes Gin distinct is that the primary flavor must come from Juniper berries. In this lesson you will learn about the three core ingredients that gin is made from.

JJ Goodman, Owner of The London Cocktail Club also explains the distillation process of how gin is made. He takes us on a tour of the Four Pillars Gin distillery and details how the ingredients are combined in stills, the heating process and the importance of vapour infusion throughout the distilling process.

What you'll learn in the How gin is made lesson

  • Core ingredients of Gin
  • The Gin distilling process
  • Alcohol content and ABV

Who the Gin basics course is for

Bartenders and servers, it's time to brush up on your Gin knowledge and skill up with tips from the experts!


JJ Goodman

JJ Goodman is a trailblazing bartender who has opened nine lauded venues across London.

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