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Can you identify different styles of Gin according to their brand or taste? Although the Gin distillation process is similar for each style, the slightest change to a recipe can create a brand new flavor profile, and it’s important to grasp the often subtle differences.

In this lesson for bartenders and servers, London Cocktail Club owner JJ Goodman breaks down the six most common varieties of Gin favoured around the world, and explains when and how to use each different type.

Learn how to mix the perfect cocktail according to each Gin profile, and how to identify and recommend each style according to flavor, country of origin, and brand.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:
The different styles of Gin
Gin cocktail examples and recipes


JJ Goodman

JJ Goodman is a trailblazing bartender who has opened nine lauded venues across London.

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